The year is 1137.

Four years ago, Rokugan faced the forces of the Lying Darkness at Volturnum. With the return of the Empire’s ancestors through Oblivion’s Gate, the Shadow was defeated, though at great cost. Many of these spirits chose to remain in the mortal realm, to help Rokugan recover from the grievous wounds dealt by the Empire’s enemies during the War Against the Darkness. Emperor Toturi I, himself a returned spirit, has made every effort to reintegrate the other spirits into the modern Empire.

The major conflicts over the last decade have taken their toll, and Rokugan has been long in rebuilding. But the Empire’s foes have been biding their time as well, and the reign of Toturi is not as secure as most believe….

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This is the Stolen Destiny Campaign, using Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition rules. Updated and re-balanced with new rules for weapons, blessings and much more, the players enter Rokugan; a Samurai world that pushes back against change and progress, instead holding to traditional beliefs and the will of the Kami. And yet, this period faces destruction from a source not even of their time. Forces thought extinguished threaten to tear the Celestial Heavens apart and drown the Empire in war. Can the players save Rokugan from certain doom and oblivion? Follow the five rings below to discover more!

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Stolen Destiny

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