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Some of these rules are just a collection and a clarification of the rules in the core book; some are new.

Dual-wielding, wielding a weapon in both hands, is an unusual combat style in Rokugan. It has some benefits, but some penalties too. These can be negated, mostly through Mastery Abilities and School Techniques.

Dual-wielding penalty: This is a -5 penalty to all attacks made while holding two weapons.
Off-hand penalty: This is an -5 penalty to attacks made with your off hand with a Medium Weapon, or -10 if the weapon is Large.

Often, characters dual-wielding without any special training will take both these penalties. There are, however, benefits.

Defensive bonus: Add your Insight Rank to your Armour TN while in any stance except Full Attack.
Full Attack bonus: While in Full Attack, you gain a Free Raise on Extra Attack as long as the extra attack is with your off hand.

Some abilities refer to ignoring Off-hand and Dual-wielding penalties while wielding certain weapons. In this case, the Off-hand penalty is only ignored if that weapon is the one in your off hand. You cannot, for instance, wield that weapon in your main hand, and then another random Large weapon in your off hand without penalty.

Some Mastery Abilities only let you ignore one of the two penalties, not both, as does the new Advantage Ambidextrous (repeated below for convenience).

• Ambidextrous (Physical, 4pts)
You can use each hand equally well; you do not have an off hand. This means that you can attack with a weapon in your second hand (usually only when wielding two weapons) without taking the Off-hand penalty. Effects that refer to you attacking with your off hand, such as the Spinning Blades Style kata, simply refer to your ‘second’ hand. The Dual-wielding penalty still applies. Bushi characters may purchase this advantage for 1 point less.

In addition, the following changes have been made to the Spinning Blades Style kata, as detailed below.

• Spinning Blades Style
While wielding two weapons, you gain a Free Raise on the Extra Attack maneuver, and may perform it an additional time each turn. Each attack you make via this maneuver must come from your off hand, and no attacks you make this turn may benefit from the Increased Damage maneuver.


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