The Dragon Clan

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Agasha Family
Daimyo: Agasha Tamori
Motto: “All That Remain”

The Agasha family was founded by a shugenja named Agasha, a follower of Togashi, the founder of the Dragon Clan. After the Day of Thunder in 42, Togashi and his followers moved back up into the mountains and withdrew themselves almost completely from the affairs of the Empire. It was during this time that the Mirumoto family forged a strong bond with the Agasha family. The son of Mirumoto, Mirumoto Yojiro and the founder of the Agasha, Agasha worked closely together maintaining the clan’s interests, and learned much from eachother in the process. Over the years the Mirumoto students would be encouraged to watch the Agasha and learn from them, and the Agasha students would do the same with the Mirumoto. This practice continued even after the deaths of the two school founders.

After the death of Togashi, Mirumoto Hitomi took conrtol of the clan, killing any Togashi who did not take her family name. The great majority of the Agasha family saw her madness and refused to take part in her destruction of her own clan, leaving the traitorous Hitomi in the month of the Goat of 1131, joining the Phoenix Clan. Within a week less than ten Agasha stood with the Dragon, their bond of loyalty too great to leave despite the madness of their champion.

Kitsuki Family
Daimyo: Kitsuki Yasu
Motto: “Understand”

The Kitsuki family were founded in 820 when a brilliant student, Agasha Kitsuki, was accused of murder and given only twenty four hours to prove himself innocent. Kitsuki provided both proof and testimony that exonerated him, and in recognition of his incredible powers of perception he was given his own family by the Dragon Clan. They were often called “the hospitable Dragons”, and served as diplomats and magistrates for the Dragon Clan. Although they branched out from a shugenja family, they had no shugenja school, instead performing the role of the clan magistrates. The Kitsuki teached the Kitsuki Method, a unique technique that utilized perception, awareness and intuition to aid in solving a crime.

Mirumoto Family
Daimyo: Mirumoto Uso
Motto: “Defy Definition”

The Mirumoto family is the largest family of the Dragon Clan and comprimises the majority of their bushi. They were founded by the yojimbo of Togashi, Mirumoto, who was one of the most brilliant duelists that Rokugan had ever known. The family line could not be drawn directly from Mirumoto himself, as the only child he had was his adopted son Mirumoto Hojatsu. Hojatsu’s daughter, Mirumoto Ujaniko continued the Mirumoto name in honor of the Dragon Thunder. The Mirumoto are also fierce advocates of the niten two sword style, as their founder Mirumoto was the one who invented it before it was further developed by Hojatsu. The Mirumoto family is the military might of the Dragon Clan, and therefore has a much more regimental structure than the other families of the Dragon. The leader of the family is Mirumoto Uso, and the only other with higher authority considered by the clan to be higher is the daimyo of the Togashi family, Emperor of Rokugan and the Emerald Champion. Because of the reclusive nature of the Togashi daimyo, many within and outside of the clan consider the Mirumoto daimyo to have the same status as the Clan Champion.

Togashi Family
Daimyo: Togashi Hoshi
Motto: None

The Togashi family were founded by the Dragon Clan Founder Togashi. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Togashi never took a bride and until recently was thought to have never had any children, although this changed with the appearance of Togashi Hoshi. The Togashi family, which bears his name, is a family not of blood in the traditional sense, and instead are the Ise Zumi which came to follow Togashi. Though they were not descended from the Dragon Kami himself, Togashi used his own blood to give power to their tattoos so they are, nevertheless, connected by Togashi’s blood. When a samurai took the “Togashi” name, he dropped the name he was born with to show he was no longer the man he once was.

The Togashi “family” follow their own private edicts that embrace a philosophy of enlightenment through spontaneity, and value, humility, compassion, and a sense of humor. Those outside the Togashi sometimes view their members as unpredictable or even insane, but most Ise zumi are charming and affable. The ise zumi tended to focus on healing, positive energy, and fire, whilst truly ancient ise zumi of at least two centuries old instead “retire” to the High House of Light where they will inscribe mystic tattoos upon others using ink containing their blood.

New Schools & Paths Of The Dragon

Alternate Path: The Dragons Talons
The Dragon Talons are an elite unit of heavy fighters who are ordered to where the battle is most intense or the most desperate. They are fearless warriors, doing what they must to serve the Clan in times of war. They use their blades to deadly efficiency with wild flurries of slashes, and few enemies can stand against a charge from a legion of Talons. Ironically, many in the Dragon Lands view the Talons with disdain, claiming that their seemingly wild. free-swinging attacks are barbaric and insulting to the style created by Mirumoto. The Talons are indifferent to this criticism, holding to the belief that their furious style is yet another evolution of the daisho technique.

• Technique Rank: Varies
• Replaces: Mirumoto Bushi 4, Taoist Swordsman 3
• Requirements: Battle 3, Kenjutsu 3

Technique: The Dragons Fury
The Talon focuses all of his will into his attacks as he rips through the enemy lines. No weapon can hit him, for he cuts the wielder down first. When you are in the Full Attack stance and wielding the daisho or a no-dachi, you gain a +3k0 bonus to damage.

Alternate Path: Scion of Togashi
There are those within the Dragon Clan whose blood connection through their tattoos to their Kami Togashi allow them greater insight into his thoughts and mind, as well as the ability to tap into the vast wealth of power that the Dragon commands. However, such insight and power usually comes at a great price, and there are few who can wield such power without eventually losing themselves.

• Technique Rank: 4
• Replaces: Togashi Tattooed Order 4
• Requirements: Enlightened Madness Disadvantage

Technique: By the Light of the Moon
The kikage zumi is attuned to the strength of his Kami and pulls from such strength in battle, allowing truly incredible power to be unleashed upon his enemies. You may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to increase your unarmed damage by +Xk0 for three rounds, where X is the number of tattoos you have.

Advanced School: Jotomon’s Shinrai
Jotomon’s Shinrai was the school that taught a sub-style of the Mirumoto Bushi school developed by Kitsuki Jotomon, a noble and passionate samurai who believed Bushido made people into superior beings. It was taught in the Jotomon’s Dojo at Ryoko Owari Toshi until it fell into ruin shortly after Jotomon’s death and her students moved back to the Kitsuki lands. The school focuses on using Bushido to find alignment in all things, teaching grappling and jiujutsu practice followed by meditation and discussion of philosophy or martial theory. They moved outside the city walls to practice fighting on different terrains – on hills, on stones, in water and on uneven ground.Swordplay became a secondary consideration to adaptation, and even after the school moved back to the Dragon lands it retained a number of students who found enlightenment within its teachings.

• Rings/Traits: Water 4, Agility 4
• Skills: Athletics 5, Kenjutsu 5, Lore: Bushido 4
• Special: Honor Rank 5 or higher

Rank One: The Hand Is My Sword
You have learned that you must be adaptive in combat to be truly powerful. When you roll Agility/Athletics (Throwing) to throw your wakizashi, you may add your Honor Rank to the total of your attack roll. You may also add your Kenjutsu skill rank as a bonus to all Jiujutsu rolls.

Rank Two: The Cuts of Harmony
You can guide an opponent’s blade to unexpected places. You now add your ranks in Lore: Bushido to your Initiative and Armour TN.

Rank Three: The Purity of Honour
You have become a paragon of virtue. You may now roll additional dice equal to the difference between your Honor Rank and your opponents to Contested Rolls made against opponents of lower Honor ranks. You may not add this bonus if the roll would cause you an honor loss or when using a Low Skill.

The Dragon Clan

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