The Clans of Rokugan

The Crab Clan

The Crab Clan serves as the Defenders of the Empire. They spend their lives upon the Carpenter Wall, standing vigilant along the southwestern border of Rokugan to defend against the next attack from the Shadowlands. The Crab Clan was founded by the Kami Hida. Every day the Crab warriors give their lives defending the Wall so that the people of the other clans may live in peace and security. The Crab value this duty above everything, even honor. They may be gruff, unkempt and downright rude at times but no one questions their strength or courage.

The Crab Clan have the duty of guarding the Emerald Empire against the horrors of the Shadowlands. The Crab Clan Champion has always been from the Hida family, directly descended from the original Hida. Unlike other Clans, the Crab do not value sincerity as highly as they do honesty, carrying this philosophy from the battlefield into the court. The Crab view the political situation in very simple terms; The strong had more right to rule than the weak and those who could not protect the Empire did not deserve to rule it. Because of the first Hida’s defeat by Hantei, they viewed the Hantei dynasty with respect. Since the Black Lion Toturi defeated Fu Leng and saved the Empire, they will view the Toturi dynasty with the same respect.

• Capital: Kyuden Hida
• Current Clan Champion: Hida O-Ushi
• Families of the Crab: Hida, Hirumi, Kaiu, Kuni and Yasuki
• Population: 4,610,000 (approx)
• Military: 258,000 samurai
• Imports: Jade, Rice
• Exports: Iron, Tea, Raw Materials

The Crane Clan

The Crane Clan, Left Hand of the Emperor, are known throughout Rokugan for its skilled duelists and artisans. The Crane are also noted courtiers, wielding great power in the courts of the land. Founded by the Kami Doji, they pursued excellence and perfection in all things, and the traditions established by Lady Doji were now customary in the Emperor’s Court. The formal dueling system, iaijutsu, was established by Doji’s husband, Kakita. Their preferential status with the Imperial line was renowned and throughout history the clan had had fewer taxes and more gifts heaped upon them. They were the masters of the courts and had the status and wealth commensurate with such a position.

The Crane consist of four powerful families in complete symbiosis, no two families overlapping in duties. The Doji family are the voice of the clan and control most of the politics within Rokugan, whilst the Daidoji family form the military might of the Crane as well as handling the things too dishonorable or dangerous for the other families. The Kakita family are famed for their artisans as well as their skills as iaijutsu duelists, used as both noble yojimbo and occasionally deadly assassin. The Asahina family are the only shugenja in the clan, and spent their time in peaceful meditation and creation of nemuranai. The Asahina were in theory a fifth family, as the Yasuki family were once Crane, but their path led them away from the Crane to the Crab Clan shortly after the founding of the Asahina.

• Capital: Kyuden Doji
• Current Clan Champion: Doji Satsume
• Families of the Crane: Doji, Daidoji, Kakita, Asahina
• Population: 3,820,000 (approx)
• Military: 213,000 samurai
• Imports: Raw materials, metals, exotic goods
• Exports: Fine goods, rice, fish, tea

The Dragon Clan

The Dragon Clan was founded by the Kami Togashi, the most enigmatic of Amaterasu’s children. For over a thousand years it has been their duty to watch and record the history of Rokugan. While the Dragon are seen as reclusive and aloof by most clans, they understand the necessity of acting only when the time is right.

After the kami fell from the Celestial Heavens they held the Tournament of the Kami to determine who would rule. Once the tournament was over and Hantei was declared the winner they realized that Togashi had declined to fight. Hida saw this as an act of cowardice, but Hantei was wise enough to realize that Togashi refused to fight because he known all along what the outcome was going to be. Togashi then retreated into the mountains of northern Rokugan to live in quiet solitude and reflection. This, however, did not last as he was followed there by two men, Mirumoto and Agasha. These two became his first followers and the three built a temple to Amaterasu with a castle around the temple to protect it. Over the years Togashi’s followers grew in number. Those seeking his wisdom took the Togashi family name, while those showing any skill with the blade were taken in by Mirumoto and trained by him in his niten technique. Those who showed an affinity for the elements were taught by Agasha. The Dragon remain secluded, and over the last thousand years they have rarely left their mountains to interfere with the politics and events of the other clans.

• Capital: Shiro Mirumoto
• Current Clan Champion: Togashi Hoshi
• Families of the Dragon: Togashi, Mirumoto, Agasha, Kitsuki
• Population: 1,830,000 (approx)
• Military: 200,000 samurai
• Imports: Fine goods
• Exports: Gold, Minerals

The Clans of Rokugan

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