The Mechanics

Here you’ll find clarification of existing rules or alternative mechanics that differ from the main rules that may be entirely new, whilst others will be mechanical errata to existing systems in place.

New Advantages & Disadvantages
New ways to customize and personalise your character.

New Alternate & Advanced Schools
Paths for your character to walk, or entirely new schools to advance him towards his destiny.

Experience, Honour, Status & Glory
The rules for Honour, Glory and Status, as well as how to spend experience points awarded.

Clarification and alteration to the dual-wielding rules in order to increase the benefit of doing so.

New Kata & Kihos
New ways to further separate one bushi or monk from another with these new abilities.

Changes to Skills & Emphasise
Changes to the way certain Skills works, such as Artisan, Craft and Lore.

The Mechanics

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